Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home, Sweet Home

This is our apartment building.
The picture is taken from the parking lot of the Church.
If you look very carefully you can see my arm sticking
 out of the window on the 8th floor.

This is the street in front of the entrance to our apartment.
Try to imagine a small two lane street with cars parked on both sides.
The streets were built before everyone had a car and there are no regulations about where to park.
I love watching cars coming from opposite directions meet.

There are little stores like this everywhere.
This one is at the entrance to our apartment building.

Washer - 15 inches across



The stove and oven are gas. 
 We have to light the burners and the oven with a match.
Well, not "we," Brent.  It's hard to regulate the stove top because there are only
two markings - one large flame and one small flame.
We have hung a temperature gauge in the oven that "we" sit and watch
 until the right temp comes up.  Then "we" regulate it by adjusting the
flame and when that isn't enough, opening and closing the oven door.
I did make a Texas sheet cake for the Young Single Adults that
turned out mighty fine.

Living Room

The Life Giving Water Filtration System
There are 3 filters: 1st one is to take out dirt, 2nd one is to take out
microbes including bacteria, and the 3rd one is to take out heavy metals
including those that are radioactive. 
 Water anyone?
We also must rinse our fresh fruits, vegetables and eggs in clorox water.
By the time we have shopped, gotten the food home by bus, tram or metro,
then washed and air dryed, we are too tired to eat.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.
We feel very fortunate to have such a nice place to live for 18 months.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Noi suntem reprezentanti ai lui Isus Hristos!!!!!!

Leaving Utah in the early morning of May 2nd for our mission.
There were about 60 other missionaries leaving for various parts of the world.
Please note Brent's head in the background.
It was every man for himself when it came time to gather luggage.

On May 3rd we were met at the airport by President and Sora Lundberg.
They took us to the mission home for lunch and an orientation.
Then we went to the mission office where we were turned over to the office elders.
(or as I like to call them, the office angels!)

They took us for our visa physical and then helped us unload 18 months
worth of belongings.
We arrived at our apartment totally overwhelmed and exhausted.

We live directly across the street from the chapel where we will
be serving in the Center for Young Adults.
This is a view from our apartment window.

Here is a view of part of the city from our window.
Lots of concrete!
It's hard to describe how people park here.