Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ei fac misionari!

Elder Christopher Wahlquist, Elder Eric Garlock, Elder Nate Garlock

Christopher is our first grandchild and is serving in the France Toulousse Mission.  Nate is our nephew and is serving in the same mission.  Eric is another nephew and is serving in the Ukraine Donetsk Mission.  All three of these young men entered the MTC on the same day - July 28, 2010.  Thank you for your service!

Christopher and Nate are finally serving in the same city - Marseille.

We are now studying Romanian three times a week with a tutor from the MTC.  We are finding it interesting and challenging.  Because we are instructed to read Cartea lui Mormon every day in Romanian, pray twice a day in Romanian, sing a hymn in Romanian and study Romanian vocabulary words daily our jaws ache.  Why do words need to be feminine or masculine?  And do they really need three A's , each with it's own sound?  And what's with the two T's and two S's? If we could just get everyone we meet to speak very, very slowly and say very simple things we might stand a chance.
Noapte buna!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vorbiti romaneste?

When we received our call to Romania, the first thing we did was rush out to the Rossetta Stone kiosk at the mall.  Unfortunately, Romanian is not one of the 31 language courses they have.  Our next stop was a bookstore where we found a book with two CD's that is for tourists who want to say hello/goodbye, catch a bus and buy a cup of tea.  We have found it helpful but were concerned that it doesn't have phrases that might help us teach the gospel.  Once again we received welcome information from the couple we will be replacing in Bucharest.  Thanks so much for all your help Elder and Sora Dummar!  They suggested that we contact the MTC about learning the language.  We did and just received several books and study guides with CD's.  There is even a Romanian hymnal.  They will now have us talk to a tutor so maybe we can actually communicate a little bit when we get there.

National Quilting Day - March 19

Just a short diversion from our mission report to say hello to all my quilting buddies.  Happy quilting!

Quilt store in Ketchikan, Alaska

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Taking Care of Business in Utah

Ce mai faceti?

After visiting Mr. Mac's, our mission shopping is almost done - right down to white hankies and the "passport bags" needed for riding public transportation.  We also received good news from a friend who shared these statistics:  Americans eat 12 lbs of chocolate per person per year, Romanians eat 23.6 lbs per person per year.  I think we are going to heaven!

Because we will be out of the country for 18 months, we decided to update our will and put our business affairs in the hands of a responsible attorney - someone we could trust.  I think we chose wisely..........

La revedere!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Go Cougars!

We heard some more good news from the couple we are replacing in Romania.  They have something called a "sling box" on their tv back home.  It makes it possible to get the BYU games on their tv or computer in Bucharest.  Brent did a happy dance because now he won't miss the next football and basketball season.  Within 5 minutes of reading the email he was out the door to Best Buy to get more details.  I should probably not "sling" NCIS or The Good Wife.........
Noapte buna!