Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Farewell Arad

We spent the last six months of our mission in Arad, a city on the far west border of Romania.  It was a contrast in many ways to Bucuresti where we spent our first year.  We loved the Arad Branch and working with our little group of YSA and the missionaries.

In August, we held a district-wide YSA Activity.  Some came from as far away (4 1/2 hours by car) as Cluj.  We also invited the YSA from Szeged, Hungary, which is just over an hour away. This is the institute class, 
They seemed to love the food. We served Cafe Rio style burritos and it took a minute for them to understand where everything went on that tortillo shell.   
Elder and Sora Wahlquist with Eni Kiss-Maxim, the YSA leader
Home Evening in Arad
Arad Branch Relief Society Activity
Arad Branch Relief Society
Our district leaders, Elders Myers and Taylor fixed chocolate banana smoothies for our last district meeting.  They were delicious!
Soras Cook and Smith and Elders Myers and Taylor
District Dinner
We were able to watch the morning sessions (at 7:00 in the evening) of General Conference live on TV from the computer.  You should have heard the cheers when the prophet made the announcement about the change in ages for missionaries.
The day we left Arad, we stopped in Sibiu to have dinner with the missionaries.
Soras Wahlquist and Remsberg and Elder Eckersley 
 Elder Lasater, Sora Sam and Elder Wahlquist
We will never forget the wonderful people we met in Arad.


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