Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last Visiting Teaching Visit in Romania

In a June blog I introduced you to my dear sister, Sora Cranaci.
During that visit she showed us her embroidery work that she does on her treadle sewing machine. She told us that she was only able to sew when there was enough light (there is one little window above the sewing machine) and if she has any thread.  After reading that blog, my darling daughter Taryn sent several spools of colored thread for me to give to Sora Cranaci.  She accepted it with gratitude and said that she was going to embroider a doily for me like the one she is working on in this picture.  I was thrilled and excited to see what she would make for me.
When we visited her for the last time this week, we said goodbye to her garden, dogs, chickens and pigs.  For those of you who read about the ducks - well, they are no longer with us.
Sora Smith, Sora Cranaci, Sora Wahlquist and Sora Cook

During our visits to her home we have always been uplifted by her sweet spirit and love of the gospel. When she joined the church several years ago she couldn't read.  She has learned to read so that she can read the scriptures and other church publications.  She has been preparing to go to the temple and will leave for the Freiberg, Germany temple in two weeks so she asked Elder Wahlquist to give her a blessing.  She said it was her first priesthood blessing in many years and was very grateful.
Remember the doily she was going to make for me?  Well, she chose to make this for Taryn instead.  She was so excited to get colored thread that she decided to try an embroidery technique she had not used in 20 years.  She asked me to give it to Taryn.
  We'll just see about that!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. What a talent and lucky duck Taryn!!!!!!