Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things You Can Buy on the Side of the Road in Romania

There are very few divided highways in Romania so most of our driving is on small two lane roads that go through farmland and small villages.  We have found that you can buy the most interesting things along the side of the road here.

Strips of shops like this are on roads all over the country.  You can buy anything from sheepskin slippers to ceramic pottery.  And, of course, there is the usual touristy stuff that is in every roadside stand at home.
This sweet lady is selling bags of fresh parsley.
This young man is selling homemade tin funnels.  Before I stopped to take a picture he was twirling them in the air.  It was quite a show.
There are carved wood products like vases, plates, chess sets and barrels.
You can buy beautiful Romanian made crystal.
As we were driving by, this glass salesman held the vase up to the sun.  Beautiful!

How do you feel about gnomes?
These two ladies have honey and flavored honey syrup for sale.  The containers are almost always recycled water and soda bottles.
And here we have even more flavored honey syrup.
This adorable little girl (about 10 yrs. old) was standing on the side of a busy road with huge trucks roaring by.  Her hands were purple from the blackberries she had picked and was now trying to sell.  Because we were not going to be home for a few days, I tried to tell her I just wanted a "poza" and would give her 10 lei (which is what she was asking for the berries) but wouldn't take the berries.  You can tell she is a little confused by the deal.
I'm not sure what she's selling out of that cart but she loved getting her picture taken.
We see lots of carts like this full of metal.  You can't see the horse that is pulling the cart but he is there, standing patiently.  Manhole covers are especially sought after so you have to watch carefully where you walk. 
Here is more honey with some cheese.  I wish I had a better picture of the cheese that is in hollowed out wood.
I don't know where the person is that is selling these potatoes, but they are cheap - about $2.00 for a fifty pound bag.
These heads of cauliflower are huge and beautiful.  They were grown in this woman's garden behind the gate.
This man is selling a bucket of walnuts.
I couldn't understand the name of these berries, but they look like orange blueberries.  Almost anything that can be grown in a garden or picked in a forest can be bought on the side of the road.  However, many of them, like strawberries, cherries or the berries this girl is selling, can only be found during their short harvest season (a few days to a few weeks).  Others, like watermelon, peppers, tomatoes, and egg plant are available throughout most of the summer. 
These hard round pretzel-like things are sold sitting out on the side of the road in all kinds of weather with trucks and cars racing past. I never could bring myself to try one.
Sorry this picture is fuzzy but we couldn't stop the car.  There are about 3 more puppies in the trunk of the car.

Pictures I didn't get but we really did see.
A man on side of road holding a wriggly live fish.
A bowl of eggs on a 3 legged stool next to the road.
1 watermelon on a chair.
A basket of huge mushrooms sitting on the ground.




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  1. All of these pictures that you have posted and your stories of Romania remind me of a time when I was just a little lady, about 7 perhaps. It was my turn in primary to be the Super Star and I was so excited to hear all of the wonderful things that my parents had to say about me. I wondered if they knew my favorite color or my favorite food, you know, stuff like that. But do you want to know what I learned instead that day in Primary. I learned (and I am sure all of the primary presidency had a good laugh at this) that my parents bought me from the gypsies on the side of the road. Yep, that is what was announced to the entire Primary. After that I don't remember hearing if my parents knew what my favorite color was. As you know, my mother is a little twisted. Ah, the memories.

    I love you mom.